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What is REST API ..? Why we use this .? In which case i use this..?

Can any body help me what REST API..? what is the main purpose of use this REST API in salesforce.? in which situation we use this REST API. Can any body send sample code of RESR API.?

Devender MDevender M
Hi Ganesh,
Go throw this link hope it helps.


Thnx Mr.Devender M i know about that developer guide bt i am not getting any thing will any body send me briefely why we use REST API , in wihich situation we use REST API. send brief explanation and send exapmle code.


Hi Ganesh, 


REST - > Representational State Transfer Protocol 


This is basically use to access external logic ( exposed webservice) just by hitting a url witout creating any envalope or enviorment unlike SOAP API.


Today mostyl developer prefer to use this API to access webservice. this techbology is based on JSON not xml.

Here is complete detail of REST API 

Force.com REST API Developer's Guide - Salesforce.com


Hi Ganesh, 


This is one really good video, check that out. 

Hands-on Training: Introduction to the REST API(47)