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Sujan Kumar ReddySujan Kumar Reddy 

Help on Translation workbench

Hi All,


Struggling to figure out the solution for a requirement.


I have one picklist field called “Select Language” with LOV’s i.e. Chinese, German, Spanish etc..Based on end user language selection, the rest of the fields in that particular section of custom VF page need to be translated to that desired language accordingly.


Can we achieve this functionality with translation workbench? Anyone came across the same scenario? Please suggest…




Hello Kumar,


1) The User locale information need to be updated with respective language. For ex: The user select 'Chinese-Traditional' language, need to set locale infomation to 'zh_TW'.



languagelocalekey = 'zh_TW'

2) The native fields would be showing user's language and rest of the fields shows English only. Go through the below link to translate custom fields.