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Matrix Reports Custom Summary Formula



you help will be much appreciated.


i am creating a dashboard with a trending chart. My question is that in matrix report can i apply Different formula to a different column in the same row? consider like at the end in grand total i have 1000 amount for the first month then for second months it will be 1000*2, for third 1000*3 and so on for three months is it possible?

                          A1   B1      C1

A                       10    30       40

B                        0      0         0

C                        1      2         3

Grand Total     10 30*2  40*3


Hi Ahmad,


We cannot customize the field values in Salesforce Reports. They are a representation of records in objects. 

If you can try adding some logic to fields and add the fields to a report otherwise if it works. 





Thanks Ashish