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Strange behavior using frontdoor.jsp from the API

For several years the following URL has been able to be called from my .NET client application with no problems:


servURL + '/secur/frontdoor.jsp?sid=' & binding.SessionHeaderValue.sessionId.ToString + '&retURL=" + '/' + objectID


where the servURL is accessed from the binding.URL and the objectID is the object that I want to view in Salesforce


For some strange reason it now randomly goes to a login screen instead of using the sessionID provided and going straight to the object.


Has there been a change in API 21 that would cause this?





Hi ! Did you resolve your problem?

I am trying to log users to a site using session id and I am redirected to the standard login page.


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Here is the url you need to send:  




In this case the server is na2 but you can get the server address when you login with the WSDL


Just substitute you session id for SESSIONID and the Id of the object you want to view in sfdc where the OBJECTID is