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time zone and daylight saving time

Hi Guys,


I am doing a time related project.


I was wondering if salesforce will use the daylight saving time directly or user need to mofidy it manully?


If salesforce does it automaticlly, How do I know it is a daylight saving time now?


Will the time zone changed if the daylight saving time apply? for exmple: 


(GMT+10:00) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australia/Sydney)




(GMT+11:00) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australia/Sydney)?





I think, day light saving applied directly. You can check yourself by changing your user's time zone and this is applied for system generated timestamps( e.g created date and modified date of any record). I'm not sure if there is any way exist to find whether DST is applied or not 


thanks mate,


Is it possible to calculate the local time based on the time zone. 


For example:  


Will (GMT+10:00) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australia/Sydney) become to (GMT+11:00) Australian Eastern Standard Time (Australia/Sydney) in summer?  


If yes, I could calculate our client's local time  (Account Object Record) based on the (GMT+XX)


If not, how do I know the local time outside of Australia?