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Problem with Sales Price and discount

Hi All

We have some kind of unique problem.

On Opportunity, While adding Opportunity product when we give 100% discount it shows Total price = 0.0 and sales price = 100.00 $ (For e.g.. Only)
But when we update above product without changing any value ( Just click on Edit and click on Save ) Sales Price become null.
We can't figure it out why sales price is becoming NULL.

We have some logic on Before Insert / Before update of Opportunity Product which set Discount field to some value depends on some conditions.
We observe when we remove this logic the issue is not reproducible. Same issue is not reproducible when we provide any discount other than 100%.
Same logic is getting fired here also). We can’t understand how sales price will become NULL if we set discount = 100%. (If sales price become 0.00$ it is acceptable)

Could you suggest some pointers?


Hi, did you ever determine a cause for your issue? we are having the same problem, consistently reproduced when a 100% discount is used on the quote line item a null Opportunity Product Sales Price (UnitPrice) is the result.