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Creating report on opportunity with other custom object

Hi All,


I am trying to create a report  on opportunity object & one custom object


Custom objects 'custom_object' contains few stage names out of all opportunity stages.


To explain in SQL form, the query would be


Select * from opportunity where stageName in [select * from custom_object]


Opportunity & custom_object are not related.


Is it possible to have such report in salesforce reporting capability ?


Thanks in advance!







I Don’t think you can Create Report with 2 objects which are not Related.


To create a report you need to choose the Report Type first.

For this you need to create one custom report type which will include objects (related objects).

But as per your description there is no relation between Custom Object and Opportunity.

In the Report type you don’t have option to choose these two objects.

So I don’t think you can create a Report and Report Type having these 2 Objects.