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Add Together Multiple Roll-Up Summary Fields...?

Hi All,


I've found myself stuck in a bit of a problematic situation.


I'm the Admin of our Salesforce Org and I have been asked to create a new "Business Plan" Custom Object.


Already existing in our Org are the SObjects "Accounts" and "Opportunities" as well as a Custom Object "Capital Pipeline" (which is for new sales deals).


"Capital Pipeline" is the detail in a Master-Detail relationship with "Accounts".  I have created Roll-Up Summary fields on the "Account" SObject, which create SUMs for the value of the Capital Pipeline deals.


For the Business Plan, I need to be able to, dynamically, display the SUM of the all Roll-Up Summary fields against each Account owned by the Business Plan owner.


For example:


User A owns Account 1, Account 2 and Account 3.


Account 1 has two Capital Pipeline deals, worth a total of £125,000

Account 2 has four Capital Pipeline deals, worth a total of £275,000

Account 3 has three Capital Pipeline deals, worth a total of £100,000


Each Account would have their own Roll-Up Summary field showing the totals as above.


I need my Business Plan record for User A, to show a "Total Deal Value" of £500,000 (the total of all the deals related to the Accounts they own).


Each user would have their own Business Plan record, and when they accessed it, the "Total Deal Value" would have to be correct for them.


Is this at all possible?  Any help would be HUGELY appreciated.


Many thanks,




Just in case anyone came across this and was wondering whether or not this could be done, I contacted SFDC Support and they confirmed that this is not possible via "out of the box" functionality.


Instead I would have to find a way to achieve this via an APEX Trigger.


I'm now off to learn how to do that!