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Event and Email Alerts

Hi there, 


Can someone guide me or help me accomplish the following? 


I would like to have an email alert sent to the Account owner when an event is associated to it for a spcific oppertunity. 


for example, 


An Agent who is working with a referred client (who is owned by someone else in the company to sell a product that pretains to his line of business) asks the his assistant to book a meeting for him, I would like a notice to go out to the actual account owner notifying them of the meeting Date and Time ..etc   





You can do this using workflow rules. 

Select the rule criteria "On creation" and attach a action of Send email Alert with whatever detail you wanted to.


Let me know if you need anymore help in detail


Thanks for the quick reply but Email Alert on Event and Task objects is not available. 


I just checked it in my SF org. Workflow rules on Event and Task are available.

Checkout the screenshot I just captured


For the email alert what you could do is, create a formula field (Hidden) of type email and copy accross the email address to the base object and then fire an email alert on it. Hope this helps. Set the rule to only while creation so that everytime a event or task is created the email field(Hidden) is updated with the latest email address and fires of the email.


Hope this helps


I agree workflows do exist on both objects. however email alerts is not an option. That is what I had mentioned earlier. 


As for your hidden formula, can you elaborate more? the email Alert should be going out to the Account owner which in this case will always be diffrent that the one scheduling this type of event. Also just to recap Email Alert should not be sent "whenever" an event is created - but when the event meets specific criteria pretaining to the oppertunity/product being booked for. 


hope that makes sense. 


Ok now, follow the steps below.

1. Create a formula field (type:email) on the Opportunity object. This should be copying the Account Owner's email from the task or event created. Hide this on the page layouts for all profiles.

2.Now create a workflow rule on task or event and specify the rule criteria in there.(Make it as on creation with whatever filters you have to put in or whatever criteria you wanted)

3. Create an Email alert that sends an email to the email address in the hidden formula field.


By doing this, every time a new task or email is created and if it meets the rule criteria, it send off an email to the Account Owner's email whoever is specified in the task or event created.


Cant find the Type Email when selecting Formula on the oppertunity object.


Sorry thats my bad. Select a type of text.


Create a formula field (type:email) on the Opportunity object. This should be copying the Account Owner's email from the task or event created. Hide this on the page layouts for all profiles


Can you break this down to exactly what do I do after I select Text and label it in the formula type field? 


Click on the advanced formula tab and select the email field you are interested to send the email to.

This would be something like Opportunuty->Task->Owner->Email

or Opportunity->Task->Account->Owner->Email


Traverse to the email field you are interested in to send the email to whatever it may be. I am not sure whom are you looking to send the email to.


Maybe I'm not understanding your logic.. but when you click on the "Oppertunity >" in the advanced formula field the next set of fields that show up that I can use are custom fields related to oppertunity object - I do not see "Task"