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Global search functionality not working for some user on particular custome object.

Hello friends,

We are facing some issue with global search functionality. We have few custom object in our salesforce org.
One of our salesforce user is not able to do global search for one of the custom object, though the object is visible to this user.
There are other users with same profile and role, they are able to do global search on this object, but this one particular user is not able to do it.

Few days back I had faced the same issue with global search of the same custom object but now its working fine for me.

Can any one please suggest, why is it behaving this way?
How can we resolve this?


It looks like they changed the way the global search works.


Before you could customize your search results, if you Org still works that way make sure the have it to "Show all Items"


The new release makes it so it only shows the objects you typically use, under the list on the left hand side, there is a new link that says "Search All" then all objects will appear.


Hope this helps.



Go to setup and then search from the Global Search. 
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