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Convert Lead to Custom Object

Is it possible to create a button that will convert a Lead to a Custom Object with the Group Edition of SalesForce?


Thanks in advance.


I don't believe so. This level of customisation is traditionally from Enterprise and up. Not 100% sure on that though....you may want to check with your Account Exec. Good luck.

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We spoke with someone in tech support who said that it is possible.  They suggested that we post here for help on how to implement this feature.

Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay

if Apex Triggers is supported in the Group Edition, then you are good...  You might want to write a trigger on the Lead object and create records in your custom object

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After doing some additional searching, it appears that Apex cannot be set-up in Group Edition, but it can be set-up in DE for GE, with some restrictions.  


Is there anyone interested in developing a convert Lead to custom object feature (button) for a reasonable fee?