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Single Sign On

If someone can explain about programatically generating session ID to login into sales force.

As this is something that we need to acheive by allowing user to logon to our internal website and then show a link to salesforce on our site. Once a user clicks that link we need to take the user to sales force directly without logging on to sales force.

Is there any other way to achieve single sign on ? Link to any sample code or examples on which could help in Single Sign On.

I would recommend to refer to sforce API documentation downloadable from


There's a login web service accepting username & password. So once the user logged in to your internal web site, you could authomatically call "login" and to get from the result the sforce session id you need


Of course in that case it's assumed that yor internal website has same usernames & passwords as sforce, so no mapping would be required. But if it's required you should keep some mapping e,g, in LDAP between your site users to sforce ones. There's a post "Delegated Authentication" which gives more details about mapping technic.