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SelfServiceUser object and SSO

Sforce 6.0 API describes SelfServiceUser API as:

SelfServiceUser API
The new release includes a new SelfServiceUser object that supports create, update, query, setPassword, and resetPassword calls. With this new object, you can enable single sign-on for your self-service users.

Is there any java example or detailed documentation about how to enable single sign on for the self service users?

Thank you,

The general flow for Single Sign On (SSO) for Customer Self Service (CSS) users is as follows. Note this is different than how delegated authentication works for regular web users. I have some sample .NET code I wrote, let me know if you want it, but this is the high-level approach

1) Verfiy the user is logged in to your website. If they are not logged in to your website, you should not automatically log them into the self service portal
2) If they are logged in to your website, then you need to know what their Self Service username is. There should be a mapping from your internal user to the Salesforce CSS user. This can either be an automatic mapping, or you could store this mapping in your internal database. In your internal database, you'll want to store the username and the ID of the self service user

3) If you need to create a SelfService User for them, do so. Store the information in your local database for future use
4) Log them into Salesforce by passing the username, password, and orgId on the queryString over an https connection, and redirect the user to url that login returns (you have to parse it out). You have two options for the password. One option is go give all the self service users a complex password that is only known to this integration.

Another option is to create a unique password for each user, and store that in your local database. You can use the setPassword function to set a password for a CSS user

Could you send the code that you mention.  It seems that you are suggesting that each self-service user is required to have a salesforce user account as well?

We were trying to intergrate the self-service portal into our corporate site to allow customers to manage thier cases and view the knowledge base.  But in order to see this information they must log in to our site, which we are authenticating against our own db.  We don't want them to have to sign in again to use the self-service portal, nor do we want to create salesforce user accounts for each customer.  I realize that we will have to maintain a consistant list of self-service users, but with the new release it appears that is possible...

The attached may be helpful. You need a new self service user, which is different than a standard user
Hi Benji,

Would it be possible for you or your team to provide a java version?


benjasik wrote:
The attached may be helpful. You need a new self service user, which is different than a standard user

I'd like to see the example .NET code for SSO of self service user. Can I get that sent to me?

Thank you.
N BragardN Bragard

Hi Benji,

Would it be possible to get the sample .NET Code that shows how to use SSO to access the Self-Service portal?

Many thanks


Hello Benji,

I am working on the same thing so would it be possible to get the sample .NET code that you mentioned?

Many Thanks

This is exactly thread I was looking for. Would it be possible to let me have the .NET example code?
Many thanks
I would like the Java sample code too, if it exists.  Or .NET if it doesn't.  Thanks!
I am trying to setup SSO for the Self Service portal using .NET. I was reading through your threads and saw that you had some sample .NET code. I was wondering if you could send it to me. I would really appreciate any help you have to offer.
Matt Hicks

Hi Matt

Good luck! It seems that these forums are mostly dead, and those that are here are unwilling to share anything with the community.. oh apart from those charging 10's of thousands of pounds. If you do find any examples then please let me know! We have only limited development resource and would love to integrate our web site with Salesforce but currently this seems extremely difficult and cumbersome :(


When you say attached code sample where can that be found? Can you send me that example as well. We are either going to do the setpassword on the fly or keep all the information local. The problem is when you enable a SSP user it doesn't ask you for a password on generates. Any tips on this?

This thread corresponds exactly to what we would like to do.
Could anyone send us a kind of tutorial with sample code so we can apply this method?

Many thanks in advance.