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Advanced Report Filter is broken with winter 10 release


I have one report which uses advance report filter(?pv0="xxxxxxxx") as given below(I got this from SFDC help): -


How do I populate Advanced Filters in a Report from a Custom Link?

To populate  advanced filters in a report from a Custom Link, follow the listed steps below:

1. Create your report with all the fields that you want to see, and the standard filters that you want. (For example - my Accounts or Created Date = 01/20/04.).

2. Add advanced filters that you want to populate with the merge fields.

3. Save the report and take note of the report Id (that is the 15 character string in the URL when you run your report).

4. Add your Custom Link to look like this: /00O30000000cR29?pv0={!Account_ID}
where /00O30000000cR29 is the report ID
and pv0={!Account_ID} is the first line in the advanced filter section.

NOTE: pv1 is the second advanced filter and so on. You can add as much as 10 advanced filters, using the '&' to separate them in the URL.



Now my report is broken. It is not changing the filter criteria on run time. Does anyone has same problem? It seems bug in the new release.



I received a notification from AppExtremes, the makers of Conga Merge, about this. It broke their functionality. I confirm that I'm experiencing the same issue.