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Dashboard Help

Hi...I'm trying to create a dashboard showing the following:


on the Y-axis: This month (closed month), This Quarter (Fiscal Period) and This Year (FY)

on the x-axis:  Closed Won, Closed Lost, Closed Abandoned (Stage = Closed)


I have most of the information created, but am missing one metric no matter how I slice and dice it.  I've tried Summary, Table and Matrix formats.  Is this even possible?  Thx.

Steve :-/Steve :-/

When you say X-Axis and Y-Axis do you mean a 3 x 3 Dashboard?




Column-1 = Current FM

Column-2 = Current FQ

Column-3 = Current FY


Row-1 = Won

Row-2 = Lost

Row-3 = Abandoned


Or are you looking for a 3 x 3 breakout within a single Report? I don't think that latter is doable. 



Thanks...yes, I'm trying to do that within a single report, but what do you mean 3x3 dashboard?
Steve :-/Steve :-/
Sorry, I just saw your post now.  a 3 x 3 Dashboard is a Dashboard with with 3 Columns and 3 Rows of Charts.  Dashboards can have either 2 or 3 Columns of Charts.

No problem...doesn't look I can do it then. 


Would you happen to know how to change the 'Best Case' label under the Forecast Tab?  I can change the value/field name in the 'Opportunities' setup, but the 'Status Category' is still showing as' Best Case'.