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Strange Error: "A duplicate value was specified for field"

Previous to updating to 8.0 we had some code that would update fields on Opportunities. After updating to 8.0 we get this failure (there has been no other change in the code besides the update):

AxisFault: A duplicate value was specified for field 'Consulting_Amount__c' in object 'Opportunity', duplicate value '0.0' prior value '' (prior value could have been set to '' with 'fieldsToNull')

Does anyone have a clue why this would be?
If you get a capture of your request you'll see that either Consulting_Amount__c is passed as a field twice, or if both passed as a field value, and listed in the fieldsToNull array.

As there's no way for us to tell which one is the one you really mean, we now error out.
OK, thanks. I will look into it further then. From your response it sounds like there was some change in our codebase not in the SForce API. I will report back when I know for sure.
To be clear, this is new behavour for the 8.0 API, if you've recently migrated to 8.0, you might run into this.

SimonF wrote:
To be clear, this is new behavour for the 8.0 API, if you've recently migrated to 8.0, you might run into this.

Thanks Simon. It was indeed the case that we were setting the value to 0.0 and putting it in the fieldsToNull array at different times. Thanks for your help. I guess I had better poor through the release notes better.

(This is a drive-by comment on my part because I haven't come across this problem yet...)

Why is this a good idea?  Why not pick one over the other as the default action instead of error'ing out.

Specifically, getting a value onto the FieldsToNull parameter requires "out of the way" coding to make it happen, whereas dumping an empty string into a field may happen frequently during normal processing.

If your "normal" processing is working with integration data, etc., it's a reasonable model to do your processing,  storing values into your fields, and then when you're done and ready to save, you simply set up the FieldToNull array by reviewing the contents of the fields you are interested in, and appending them to FTN if they are null, or empty strings, or zeroes, etc., whatever your processing wants to consider nulls.

In short, why not make the FieldsToNull setting override any value in the field?  Sure it's not as "clean", but it's more usable, and probably what we will in general want.

Thanks, Steve.

When I attempt to deploy the Contact Object from one Sandbox to Sandbox another I get the error below:
Save error: duplicate value found: <unknown> duplicates value on record with id: <unknown>

Is this issue related?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Same error was occuring for me.When i was trying to upsert data from CLI.

i got the solution for it.


This error was coming from me due to that i have made sfdc.insertNulls=true.

Then i change it to sfdc.InsertNulls=false.Then everything was working fine.


So if you are using this settings then change it.


Please reply, it solves the problem or not.






Can you please let me know where I should make these changes... ?

I too get the same error 


I'm stumped...  Probably something stupid.  But, can't quite figure it out.


We are integrating our company data with salesforce account data.  I recently noticed that setting the state to "" on non US/CAN address was not working.  Upon investigation I found that I needed to explicitly set it to null by using this method.  A little more work, but not biggie.  However, then I got that exception of duplicate field value.  Hmmm... so, I changed the code around thinking this might work.... as you can see I'm either setting it or nulling it.  Not both.  So, can someone please tell me what I have to do to clear this value???


Example of code:   


if (!"USA".equals(company.get("country")) && !"CAN".equals(company.get("country"))) account.setFieldsToNull(new String[] {"BillingState"}); else count.setBillingState(company.get("state"));



SFORCE Exception: Account: An unexpected error has occurred.A duplicate value was specified for field 'BillingState' in object 'Account', duplicate value 'AL' prior value '' (prior value could have been set to '' with 'fieldsToNull')


Thank you in advance!!!

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^ See previous message... Nobody has any response or knowledge regarding this?   Come on, I need help guys/gals! 
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It means in the serialized xml, you either serialized the element Foo more than once, or you have both an element foo, and foo listed in the fieldsToNull array.

The only time I am reference foo is when I am either setting it (if it should have a value) or if I am using setFieldsToNull.  I never do both?  So how can it be "listed" twice?


BTW: Thanks for the response.

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You need to look at the xml that's going over the wire.

ughhh.... should I start another post on how to output the xml being submitted?  Or is it a quick one liner?  


On a side note:  I was just talking with a fellow developer and the only thing we could think of is this: For simplicity we always include every fiield we will be interested in when retrieving the SObject using the binding.query(sql).   The other thing we do for simplicity is always perform an upsert().  Probably wrong functionally, but that way we have one easy to understand wrapper method that handles all of our needs.


I'm not sure if any of that info helps or not, but I thought I would add as much info as I could think of.  Thanks again Simon!

retrieve or query followed by an update/upsert is almost certainly the wrong thing to do, and likely causing your problem. (it creates windows where you can loose changes), you should be only sending values that you want to change, if you call retrieve or query first and select 100 fields, if you just update that object and call update, its going to send all 100 fields to the update call, and not just the 1 field you changed.

If you r trying to deploy metadata(Object information) from one Org to another, and the fields name are same you get this error.



Org 1:

RecordType Name: RT1

Record Type Lable: MyRT1



RecordType Name: RT1

Record Type Lable: MyRT 1



Now when you try to deploy RT1 from Org1 to Org2.... you get this error. Please check for what object you are getting this error and try to compare the fields from both Org.

Reason:Names have to be unique. In the above case RecordType Name is RT1 in both case..






I think Simon has it... because we are not deploying to more than one org. 


I really hate taking over someone else's code.  Never know what you're gonna get.  LOL  Anyway, looks like it will be hard to change things around.  However, I have no options do I?  I'm now realizing why we have so many performance issues too.  That's a lot of junk to be passing back and forth all of the time.  I originally thought the API was handling the xml during an update.... ie. the setFoo(String) method would only include that field when it came update time. A quick look at some of the API examples and it's all making sense now.


Thanks again!

Sankaran NepoleanSankaran Nepolean
This happens only if that field value cotains garbage data. So, i would recommend to see in debug logs what that filed value is.
This also happens when you import data from CSV file(using msexcel) that has garbage data somewhere in excel sheet. So, in those case, i would recommend copying the data to a new CSV file & try importing again. 
Salvador Gaytan-MojicaSalvador Gaytan-Mojica
I came across this error using the Javascript API.
// Query some object
var result = sforce.connection.query("Select id, field_in_question__c from SomeObject__c where id = '{!SomeObject__c.Id}'");
result = result.getArray("records");
result = result[0];

// Set object fields
result.field_in_question__c = 'value';

Javascript is not case sensitive like salesforce, so result.field_in_question__c is different from result.Field_In_Question__c which is the correct name. So the former is 'value' while the latter is '', but when salesforce tries to update, this is duplicate, since it interprets them as case insensitive.
Ila Anmol Verma 2Ila Anmol Verma 2
If you are using workbench and facing this error, go to Workbench Settings and uncheck Insert Null Values.