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Jessica TJessica T 

Looking for Help - Uploading Historical Survey Results

Hi all,


I was recently given the task of improving our survey capture process.  We're currently using GoToAssist for our support team, but unfortunately, we were not using any integration with SF and this data has not regularly been uploaded into Salesforce.  If I do a mass upload, will the original survey dates "follow" the data or will the upload date win out on the Survey Created Date?




Jessica T


If the field is a standard field, it will use the import date as the created date - However you can contact SalesForce.com and ask them to open the audit fields for modification and they will given you a time frame in which you can update these.


If this is a custom field, you should have no issue.



arnaud c.ax1343arnaud c.ax1343

hey Jessica,


just use a custom date field on your salesforce object for the survey date and you can use that in your reports.


Going to salesforce to open up the created date and modified date fields should be done in last resort if you absolutely need to use the CreatedDate or ModifiedDate for auditing or other purposes.