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Track History setting in Change Set



I have field in a change set that has Track History enabled, but when I import in the Change set this setting doesn't come over.  This is a new field in an existing Object.  I know this is just one field and the easy thing to do is just make the change manually, which is fine.  I would just like to know for sure if migrating this setting is possible with a change set or not, that way for future implentations I know to add this as a step.


Thanks for the assist.


In general, these settings should carry over in change sets.  The only exceptions are the owner and currency fields.  Those have to be moved manually.  


Jake ScullyJake Scully
Unfortunately this was not the case for me - from setup audit here is the date I removed history tracking 7/3/2014 10:41:28 AM EDT - I then included the field in a change set on 8/4 and noticed it was still on - checked set-up audit in Production and no one had changed it to back on after I deployed, so I manually turned it back off.  Problem here is that the field went from a field updated once a month to a field that is incremented by an change to another field that is spawned by Apex code that increments the source field... on average 7 times per running the process.  As you can imagine, there sure are a lot of history entries out there now.  I took the History Tracking off and verified same in set-up audit... just for my own sanity.  Yuck.
Somone maybe know if there is an option to insert Track History into the Change Set?