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Trouble in deploying the project from Ecilipse to another production environment

Hi all,


When I am deploying my project from Ecilipse to destination production account I am getting this error :: 

 """"""'Unable to perform synchronize check with remote server
com.salesforce.ide.api.metadata.types.MetadataSiaxbAccessorF_fullName cannot be
cast to com.sun.xml.internal.bind.v2.runtime.reflect.Accessor

Your project may be out-of-sync. """"""""""""


 I am using Force.com IDE 27 plugin and eclipse-java-helios-SR1-win32  


I have tried with restarrt of ecilipse , tried to synchronize  the project from Force.com -> Synchronize option ,, but no help


Please anyone has any idea regarding this ?? Already I have spend lots of time to install the Force.com IDE 27.0 please  help

Thanks in advance!!




Sunil PalSunil Pal

Are you validating before deploying to server. there is a validate button , are you using that button?



Thanks for reply  Sunil...


Which validate button  ??


Can you please tel me in detail ??