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force.com ide

till now i was using force.com builder for development purpose, for that i'll need internet connection all the time.
now , i want to use force.com ide for development purpose so that i can do some work locally.
So i downloaded force.com ide .
I cannot see the applications which i had developed , so i cannot edit vf pages or classes which i had already developed.
Its giving me option to create new apps, but not showing those already built.
Please suggest how to get them in local.

Thanks in advance.


In your Force.com IDE you need to create a new force.com project and configure the connection settings for your org.


Let me know if you need further clarification.


Hi Arosys, 


Did you already load your work from Force.com Builder to your Org?

If your Org has the Metadata then it should be downloded to your IDE already. 





It is very easy to access your application in Eclipse. first of all you need to 

1. Creat a force.com Project.

2. Fetch all refreshed VF page and Apex class from server

3. Now perform you changes easily.