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Best way to copy full data between orgs



for a current customer I need to find a comportable and coding free way to move one orgs data to another org with the same schema. I do not rely on heavy mapping features. Mainy copy all objects, keep references and so on.


I know that data loader is somewhat able to do this but this need some tweaks. Isn't there an ISV provider who offers a cheap tool for things like that?


Thanks in advance for you help



Chris DaviesChris Davies

You should check out the appexchange, have you seend Informatica cloud? :



Hy Chris,


thanks for replying.


Yes I know all the AppExchange offering like Informatica and all the others, but non but Dreamworks Monarch seems to offer a copy all data from Salesforce org A to Salesforce Org B in an easy way.


The context for my request is not data migration or a regular synchronisation with external data sources. What I am looking for is a way to export data from an org and be able to import / restore it. Why: There is a package that need to be uninstalled and reinstalled. But the data must be preserved.


Any better idea on how to do that?