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Error while syncing quotes.

Hi,iam using quote sync package to syn the quotes.

while syncing one quote line item it throws the error,

Attempted to sync object 00kQ0000008NH23 which was previously synced in this transaction 


i had checked the product pricebook,pricebook entry everything looks fine.

ANy one has any suggestion.


We are experiencing the same thing.  Please let me know if you find a resolution.


Hi - have you found a resolution to this issue?

Tymon FrancisTymon Francis
Dealing with the same issue, no luck still?
I have just experienced the same issue. Did anyone find a resolution to this?
Carley O'Brien 25Carley O'Brien 25
We have had the same issue today - in our case the Sales rep had one line on the opportunity from an earlier quote but was syncing a newer quote that had the same product but with multiple versions on the quote. When running the sync, the first appearance on the quote was being synced to the line on the opportunity, then when trying to sync the second appearance there were no further instances on the opportunity. We deleted the single line from the Opportunity and we were then able to sync the quote with all 3 instances of the product appearing on the opportunity. 

Hopefully that poorly worded explanation will be of help to someone...
Sushant Arora 6Sushant Arora 6
Hi I am Having the same problem as i add the product from opportunity it is sync to the quotelineitem and then my below trigger start and it should update the description field on OLI record with the Id of QLI record. But it is showing error: INVALID_OPERATION, Attempted to sync object 0QL0o000003aHdZ which was previously synced in this transaction: []: Trigger.AssignValuesFromQli: line 54, column 1.

trigger AssignValuesFromQli on QuoteLineItem (after insert,after update) {
        List<Id> ListOfQuoteIds=new List<Id>();
List<OpportunityLineItem> ListOfOLIToUpdate = new List<OpportunityLineItem>();
       Map<Id,QuoteLineItem> map1=new Map<Id,QuoteLineItem>(); 
           Map<Id,OpportunityLineItem> map2=new Map<Id,OpportunityLineItem>(); 


        for(QuoteLineItem q:trigger.new){

 List<QuoteLineItem> ListOfQLI=new List<QuoteLineItem>([Select Id,Product2Id,Quantity,ListPrice,Quote.OpportunityId from QuoteLineItem where QuoteId =:ListOfQuoteIds[0]]);  
     String b=ListOfQLI[0].Quote.OpportunityId;
     For(QuoteLineItem QPI:ListOfQLI)     

 List<OpportunityLineItem> ListOfOLI=new List<OpportunityLineItem>([Select Id,Product2Id,Quantity,ListPrice from OpportunityLineItem where OpportunityId =: b]);   

        for(OpportunityLineItem OLI:ListOfOLI)

For(OpportunityLineItem OPI:ListOfOLI)   
            update ListOfOLIToUpdate;

Can Anyone Please Help?
Carolyn LarsenCarolyn Larsen
we have the issue today, have never had this before. how did you fix this...?