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Weekly Export Service



I would like to programmatically consume the emailed link generated by the weekly export service and download the backup data automatically.  Is there an existing facility for doing this or code available?  We are using .Net 4.0.


Thanks in advance.





I assume you could roll your own system, by having a service that checks the email box periodically, scans the email for a link, log in, etc...


I'm not aware of any specific code out there shared with the world that would do this. Instead, consider using the Apex Data Loader (free) or a third-party data backup application (paid).


The weekly export service is still a very manual process, and there's definitely better ways to go about backing up your data than this feature.


Rolling our own is something we can work on but not perhaps the best use of our time.   What specific options are available for backups?  Our desire is to preclude the manual intervention required to download the weekly Data Export files.