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King KooKing Koo 

Selecting individual records for reporting - is it possible?

Hi there


Wondering if anyone has similar experience.


I have an object that stores some equipment information.  Sometimes the user needs to send out a report of equipments that the customer may want to procure.  


The user can set up an "Equipment Type" filter and then run the report.


However occasionally sometimes the user may also want to include an equipment of another Equipment Type because, even though they are categorized differently, they do have a lot of things in common, so they want to include the extra equipement from another Equipment Type into the report as well for customer's consideration.


Anyway, the requirement is that, instead of setting a filter "Equipment Type = A", run the report, and then "Equipment Type = B" and run the report, is it possible to simply display a list of records to the user and then let the user select (probably via checkboxes) which individual records they want to go to the report?  i.e. rather than using a filter?


I suppose you could do that with VF and Apex (and use Apex to keep track of the record ID of the records selected?)


Before I tackle the VF and Apex,  wonder if you could do it using the standard SF's out-of-the-box feature.







 Have you considered creating a custom boolean field on the object and creating a simple list view of the records that the user can check off, followed by user visiting a report that looks for those records with checkmark checked?  It's quick and dirty, but it is quick!




Kind Regards,


Tyler Hudson
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King KooKing Koo

Hi Tyler


No I actually haven't....  Yeah it sounds a little dirty, and besides, that would mean I also need to run a separate UPDATE statement to make sure I reset the value for this field for ALL the rows (which is in the range of 10000s), every time after I send the selected records to the printer.


I thought it would be a common request - the thing is the description page for each equipment caan be quite long, which means in order to not overload the printer or waste too much paper, the client wants to make sure only those records that are really needed get printed, and that's why they want the ability to select records, one by one, to the printer, instead of using a filter.