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Sales Processes, Support Processes, Lead Processes, Solution Processes



As it is known that Sales Processes on Opportunity, Support Processes on Case  and so on .... are used to maintain values in "Stage" field on Opportunity (or) maintain values in "Status" field on Case and so on ...

And then the sales process created is assigned to a record type ...


My Question is ... why is this maintained as a seperate function in salesforce? We can do the same thing using just record types, add the new values to the "Stage" field and assign the values as per need to the record types ?




Yes you can have your own process, Salesforce has just provided it out of the box otherwise you can have your own flow..

what I meant is ... we can create our own flow also .. by just adding the new values for Stage and assign it as per record types. This is also out of box which can be done by an administrator ... right ?

You are correct.