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Code Not Workig

Is anything going on the SFDC side.  I have had some code that has been working for the last month but has stopped in the last day.  It appeared that SFDC had some issues that last two days with the services being unavailable.  When I run my code to insert new task I do not get an error back but the task is not inserted.  I have checked most things on my end and was curious if you guys were aware of anything?




Hi May,

What app server instance are you on (na1, na0.....)?

I'm not aware of any problems currently, but as you mentioned, there was a short outage on monday but that has been resolved.

NA,  We are working on it from our end and I have stumbled across some things that may be the problem but we still do not have it corrected.  On another note we can I get info on having in app certified by SFDC?
mike kreadenmike kreaden

We are in the midst of site changes to sforce.com and salesforce.com which will provide our certification guidelines.

In the meantime, you can download the sforce Solution Partner guide here.