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Sforce Explorer and Proxy Syntax

I've gotten the Sforce Explorer and it works just fine from my home. We use a proxy server at work. I know the syntax for the proxy when using DataJunction but I don't know what I need to put in as the Client Id in options page. For DataJunction its dominnNamea\username:password.

A second question, I'm looking for more documentation for the Explorer also. I did a quick look in the source code but didn't see any. I'm most likely just not looking in the right place.



Hi Stephen,

There really isn't any "documentation" for the sforce explorer.  I think a brief readme file would be useful though.

As to the proxy question, the proxy settings that are built into the explorer don't include authenticated proxy.  The client id field you referred to is an Id that is issued to Partners and has nothing to do with proxy.

What you will need to do is crack open the source and modify the section of code that sets up the proxy and provide authentication info.

To use the proxy, you enter the proxy settings in the options dialog and then from the Tools menu enable the proxy settings by choosing the Use Proxy menu item. 

The original purpose of the proxy is to allow the tracing and capturing of Soap message with a 3rd party tools, but you should definitely be able to modify for proxy server use.


Do you have any "how to" to crack this open and change the code to include authenticated proxy?