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Random Access Error

Over the last hour I have been getting several errors that I cannot track down.  Here they are.

1) On several occasions we are getting errors cannot find table 0 when we try to load values from a list.

2)  On several occasions we are getting no results when we submit a query.  (We know the account or contact is there)

3) We have had a couple of situations where users that do not belong to our organization have been populated into our "assign to" when creating follow up task.

4) Same situation as above but the wrong task types are pulled into the task type drop down.

Please let me know if you have any insight into these issues.




Just spoke with the customer, not enough information to track this one down, but in general, if you ever notice what you think may be a data issue, please contact customer service directly, and they can handle escalation of a case. Please also provide as much information as you can.