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Java/ SSO implementation

 I am trying to implement the Saleforce Single sign-On. I download the AuthenticationService.wsdl, generate the skeleton (?) [with Axis]. so now I have the following files
 - deploy.wsdd
-  undeploy.wsdd
-  Authenticate.java
-  AuthenticateResult.java
-  AuthenticationBindingImpl.java
-  AuthenticationBindingSkeleton.java
-  AuthenticationBindingStub.java
-  AuthenticationPortType.java
-  SforceAuthenticationService.java
-  SforceAuthenticationServiceLocator.java
First question : what file must I modify to plug it to my current active directory ?
after, How I publish my webservices ? Do I build a jar, and generate a webService ?
I really appreciate if anyone have a Java sample to share
I'm not aware of an SSO sample in Java. Have you looked at the Axis docs for publishing web services ?