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field update & workflow trigger

    I currently have data coming in from my platform into SF, how can I trigger a workflow rule upon a field being updated through the api?
If you are using the API, workflow is automatically triggerd as part of the record save.
So, if you have created a workflow rule, it will be evaluated as part of the API call.
I have tried this and then spoke to SFDC tech support and it was confirmed that a field that is updated through the API cannot trigger a workflow until the actual save button is clicked. What are some possible work arounds?
basically there are so many records that this process has to be automated and running on its own
They are wrong, the API always fires workflow evaluation.
hey simon,

thanks for the quick response. is there any chance you could elaborate more on this? I would like to get some more detail to bring to my team to accomplish our goal,

thanks for you help!!!
Simon says '"they are  wrong", and indeed they are. Workflow is always evaluated when a record is saved through the API.

Checklist for you...
Make sure the rule is "Active"
Check the evaluation criteria on the rule.
If it is marked to "Did not previously meet...", it may not get evaluated every time.
If it marked "Only on create" and you are updating an existing record, it will not get evaluated..

Turn on debugging (the new system log feature)for the user who is the authenticated user being used in the API. You should be able to view the logs and see what is happening behind the scenes.

Hope this helps...

Not sure exactly what you're looking for, it really is as simple as the API always evaluates workflow. Raja posted a good checklist if you're having problems with your Workflow config.
thanks everyone for your help! I will keep you posted on the details when necessary.
all of you were right... thank you for the help! one last question, and only asking before I test this out, is it also possible to have a field updated by a workflow that is in another object?
to be more specific: I am looking for a custom field in contacts to be updated when a custom field in opportunities is entered in and what happens if there are multiple opportunities for one contact? will it overwrite or add the text?
As of now, workflow field updates are limited to updating fields on that object only.
Actually, you can now update a child record with a field value from the parent object using Workflow field update formulas.
if am getting you properly  whenever you want to have a fieldupdate it will ask you for an object and the particular field of that object itself(Standard/Custom).