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Help Text on Self-Service Portal



I would like to display some help text on our self service portal, next to some field on "Log a Case" screen. What are my options? I noticed that:

  1. Visualforce is not supported in Self-service portal (correct me if iI'm wrong...)
  2. help text is not supported also


Any help will be great!






Sorry I don't have a solution to provide. I just discovered the self-service portal and would like to get more information from people who are using it.


We have been using the customer portal since day 1, and now I'm wondering if it's wise to use self-service portal as well in order to get the Cases and Tasks section. Is it something to explore or better stick with one method? Would it be a good idea to give our customers access to self-service portal first and then move them to the customer portal once their files are ready to be submitted to our research department? 


Not sure if this could help but in this youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfQpT3Op7KU they mention the home page welcome text. Maybe you can write your help tips in there in case self-service portal does not provide the help text option.