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Force.com IDE Rookie Error - Please Help

I'm using the Force.com IDE for the first time and attempting to migrate all the meta-data from one instance to a brand new developer edition account. I am fine doing this piece by piece however long it takes.


I am running into what seems to be a rookie error.


Let's say I am only bringing over the Lead's meta-data, which includes custom fields, business proceses, custom record types, ect... I get all types of errors including ones like these:


  • File Name: objects/Lead.object Full Name: Lead.Real_Money_Account_Status__c Action: NO ACTION Result: FAILED Problem: The entity: Lead does not have history tracking enabled
  • File Name: objects/Task.object Full Name: Task.Historical_Task Action: NO ACTION Result: FAILED Problem: Picklist value: Historical in picklist: Status not found

I would understand how to resolve these specific errors (ie. enable tracking and add a picklist value) but it was my understanding that that is the whole purpose of the Force.com IDE?

What am I doing wrong?


I got good advice from someone here about Person accounts issues, and indeed, the source account is a person account. But still NOTHING is being created and I'm not even trying to bring over the accounts object or feilds yet.