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salesforce application deploy on appexchange



I have developed my application on developer edition. And i have make package also. from package i am getting installtion link.


but now i want deploy it on appexchange. so that other user can get it from there. 


1) so i want know what is procedure to deploy on appexchange.

2)  if i deploy on appexchage how other user install that application in their account.


so please give me solution.




Heya,  go to http://appexchange.salesforce.com/, login on the top right. Now click on your Name and go to 'My Account'. Somewhere on the bottom of the page it will say List on AppExchange (https://sites.secure.force.com/appexchange/publisherHome). From there you just read all the information and click yourself through.


Hope this helps you, let me know :-)





I follow your procedure but  i cannot get my uploaded package in uploaded package list on appexchange.


so please give me solution why its not display.

and what is private and public listing ?

and is there need to do security review?


so please give me solution.


Since you're so new to this topic, I'd advise you to start reading about the AppExchange first. Have you read the manueal

AppExchange Resources? It answers all your questions. If that doesn't help you enough, just log into your Org and create a ticket to the SF support.

now i getting uploaded package in list.