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Importing users through data loader



Hi, I am looking to import users through data loader, but the newly created users are not able to get email notification for password . Could you please tell me some work around to achieve this? resetting password is not feasible as per requirement



Hi Rahul,

It is pretty simple to do this. There is one field "Generate new password and notify user immediately" over user object so you need to keep that check box field set TRUE. ( it is default False when we use Data loader or any other API).


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We cannot generate password to users that are created using Data Loader.


Create a view in Manage Users -- Users.

Select the users and click "Reset Password(s)" button.


 Reset password




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In your User import file try filling value as TRUE for RECEIVESADMININFOEMAILS and do the insert.




Hugues RaguetHugues Raguet
Hi I have the same problem, I create massively new users and want to have a 'reset password' sent automatically to the new users. I developped a trigger that calls the System.resetPassword method, but the link in the mail sent by the system does not allow to create a new password.
I also set to true RECEIVESADMININFOEMAILS but it did not help.
Any help appreciated