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Manos SpanoudakisManos Spanoudakis 

Critical Update and URLFOR in Custom buttons

hi all, 


Since the activation of a critical update (Block custom links or custom buttons that contain invalid URLs) we are not able to use any Custom Button using the URLFOR function ! 


Buttons are still in page layouts but yet inactive ! 


For example this (List button type URL) 




doesn't work ! 


Any hints ? 



Looks like there is some sort of issue if we are using Params in the URLFOR, causing the Custom Link to not work. Try removing the [retURL] part and try, it should work. Maybe we need to open a case with Salesforce on Param issue though
Manos SpanoudakisManos Spanoudakis

Exactly ! Works without problems when the [params] is removed ! Already opened a case with support but still not any useful feedback...



Manos SpanoudakisManos Spanoudakis

do you also have the same issue ?

Yes. looks like Activating the Critical Update is causing the issue.
Manos SpanoudakisManos Spanoudakis

Salesforce plans to kill this functionality ?? 

this is very critical  for all !!


All the Custom Buttons using URLFOR with parameters will STOP TO WORK!!!


What do you think is this a big fail or not ??


UPDATE: probably a bug salesforce is now investigating :)

Manos SpanoudakisManos Spanoudakis

It's a BUG so either deactivate the Critical Update or ignore the strange behavior 


It isn't on the known issue list yet. I have opened a case with SF Partner Support on this (# 08809750).



Peter Bender
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Manos SpanoudakisManos Spanoudakis

Hi Peter,


We didn't get far when we tried support. However, check this twitter conversation ;-) should be now resolved I didn't have the time to check yet...



Shannon HaleShannon Hale

Sorry everyone, we introduced a bug with parameter parsing in URLFOR() in Spring '13.


My team put out a fix in patch this week and it should now be working.


Shannon Hale

Senior Product Manager, Declarative Apps