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changesets not enabled



I am trying to deploy few pagelayouts and fields from QA to PROD and PROD to QA.

when i create a new changeset, the upload button is not enabled. i have also checked with the permissions on my profile and in the system settings, i can see the options for change sets as enabled. but am not sure why the upload button is not enabled.


can you please help me if am missing anything?





Hello Neil,

I understand that you are Syste administrator. Clone a standard System administrator profile and select the following permissions in the cloned profile and assign it to the user.

To edit deployment connections:    “Deploy Change Sets”
To use outbound change sets:    “Create and Upload Change Sets,” “Create AppExchange Packages,” AND“Upload                                                             AppExchange Packages”

To use inbound change sets:    “Deploy Change Sets”


Let me know if still issue persits.


Thanks for ur response.

yes, all these changes are enabled. but still i cannot upload any.


Hi Neil, 


What are the components that you are trying to include in the Change Set?

Is this the 1st time you are trying to Upload a Change Set or were you able to Upload it previously?





Have you set up your deployment connections between the sandbox you are using and the org you want to upload it to?