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Importing articles using data loader



while  trying to Import the CSV file into the salesforce sandbox through data loader into article types


1) I couldnt map the data category group during mapping ( I mean there is no such field shows up in data loader in order to map the column in the file from the article type object). So how to get the salesforce data category field in the data loader fromt he article type object?


2) By referecing the below link, it was mentioned that only HTML file path needs to be provided into the rich text editor fields in the articles while importing, but i could import the raw text. Does this happen only in Developer sandbox or in production too ?






Are you importing to the Article Type Feed, or Article Types? They are two separate objects... It's possible that you are importing to the Type Category itself...


Make sure you are using the correct Category Type ID's. 


Rich text area field—use the rich text area custom fields to import .html files or images. Refer to an article type's rich text area field using its API name.


Article Type__DataCategorySelectione A data category selection represents a data category that classifies an article. This object can be used to associate an article with data categories from a data category group or to query the category selections for an article. This object is available in API version 19.0 and later.


Article Type__Feed Represents a single feed item in the feed displayed on the detail page for an article.

This object is available in API version 20.0 and later.


For Reference:

All steps here: http://na15.salesforce.com/help/doc/en/knowledge_article_importer.htm