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Sujan Kumar ReddySujan Kumar Reddy 

Data.com Get Contacts functionality

Hi All,


If Data.com is enabled for an organization, then we can add “Get Contacts” button in Account Page layout.


I had a requirement where in I am not using standard Account Page layouts. I have built custom visualforce page for fulfillment of other logic. Now I need Data.com functionality as well for Account. Data.com is enabled for our organization and users.


Can anyone help me how to get “Get Contacts” and “Clean” buttons and their functionality on my custom visual force page(Account Detail Page). Let me know whether we can achieve this functionality for Custom Visualforce page?



If Yes..how?


Thanks in Advance!!


Hello Sujan,


Please refer the section 'Adding Data.com Clean Components to Page Layouts' in following document:



Sujan Kumar ReddySujan Kumar Reddy
Hi Vinita,

Firstly Thanks for your time for answering my question.

I referred the link which you have provided. It is quite informative. My actual requirement is different than this. Data.com functionality (Get Contacts and Clean functionality) is working fine for my organization when using standard page layouts.

Here in my requirement:
1. I am not using Standard Account Page layouts.
2. I have built Custom visual force pages (both detail and edit page) and overridden the view and edit buttons of account object with my custom visualforce pages.
3. Now I need Data.com “Get Contacts” and “Clean” buttons on my custom visualforce page.
4. It is working fine, if I use standard Account Page layouts.

Is there any solution to get these buttons on my custom Visualforce page? Hope this make sense. Please suggest.