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Switching Salesforce Admin Licences



There are 2 Admins and only 1 active Salesforce Admin License exist. 

 - Is there any workaround that 2 users can work on only 1 License ?

- How to switch licenses between these users ?


Thanks in Advance.

Phillip SouthernPhillip Southern

Hi, so unless the users share the login information...or you have the email set to a distribution list with both of them on it...then no.  Keep in mind though, the license itself isnt neccesarily an Admin license...its a full salesforce license which will probably be called enterprise edition or professional, depending on your salesforce edition.  What makes it Admin is the profile assigned to the user.  


If you need to switch, consider making a 3rd user an Admin by changing their profile and the 3rd user can inactive Admin 1 and then active Admin 2.