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what is public cloud..? and what is private cloud..?

what is public cloud..? and what is private cloud..? any body help me what is the difference between two clouds..?


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Refer below link it will helps to you..


Difference between Public Cloud & Private Cloud


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Amir NasirAmir Nasir

As the name suggests, Public cloud is open to public. Anyone can access and use it by paying accordingly but private cloud is used by private companies. Private companies or security concerned enterprises ask private cloud so that they could get control over the data and its security. In that case, the private cloud is owned by that company and the resources are totally dedicated to the very company.

You can find more here- What is Public Cloud- Public Cloud vs Private Cloud (http://blog.webspecia.com/cloud/public-cloud)


steve collins 10steve collins 10
You don’t want to use public cloud and don’t want to share it with others, but you want to have an environment where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to exactly to you?- highly available and secure, scalable, customizable and cost-effective Private Cloud Architecture (https://yourserveradmin.com/private-cloud/)