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What is TERRITORY MANAGEMENT in salesforce...?

What is Terrotory Management... why we use this,and where we use this and what is the main purpose of this....? in which cases we use this .. plz anybody help mee...?




Go through the following docs when you get ba chance, they will help you understand Territory management better:


Examples: http://www.shamrockcrm.com/salesforce/when-and-why-to-use-territory-management-in-salesforce/

Sagar PareekSagar Pareek

Territory management is an account sharing system that grants access to accounts based on the characteristics of the accounts. It enables your company to structure your Salesforce data and users the same way you structure your sales territories. Particularly if your organization has a private sharing model, you may need to grant users access to accounts based on criteria such as postal code, industry, revenue, or a custom field that is relevant to your business. You may also need to generate forecasts for these diverse categories of accounts. Territory management solves these business needs and provides a powerful solution for structuring your users, accounts, and their associated contacts, opportunities, and cases.

Sas ReddySas Reddy
Hi ganesh,

This link will helpful to you try this one :


and also follow winter 15 release notes...

Raghavendra Reddy .D