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RAJ K.ax936RAJ K.ax936 

Passing data to Open CTI softphone from Salesforce.

I want to pass some data captured in Salesforce to my Open CTI softphone and may have to invoke some event from Salesforce like hangup, transfer etc. Any idea how to achieve that? I can use jQuery to do so. Is there any better way to do so or any inbuilt feature?

RAJ K.ax936RAJ K.ax936

Thanks for reply Ashish. I am aware of the links you mentioned. Infact I have a working Open CTI adapter. But now I need to pass some data like call back time, disposition code etc to my dialer and these information we are capturing in salesforce. Any idea how to do that?


Please provide an example how to do this. There is nothing on this subject in the documents you listed.


Hi raj ,

I think you had integrate your adapter using canvas. In canvas there are cross domain calls refer canvas developer guide. Im not very much sure about it if it works please let me know becuse im also working on that...


RAJ K.ax936RAJ K.ax936

Finally I am using HTML5 postMessage to pass data to and fro. 

Hello Raj,

I am in similar situation like yours. 

Can you please let me know how did you achieve this?

Please post some sample code to make me understand.