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Cannot edit deployment connections

So I'm trying to deploy our Apex code and workflows over to our production app from our sandbox. I go to Setup->Setup->Deployment Connections in order to authorize the connections. However, in both the dev and production environments, I cannot find any sort of "edit" option next to the name of the connection. When I click on the connection, it gives me two checkboxes for authotizing inbound and outbound changes, but they are greyed out and I cannot check either. I have added the following permissions and all other necessary ones for them:


Deploy Change Sets

Create and Upload Change Sets

Create AppExchange Packages

Upload AppExchange Packages

Download AppExchange Packages


I am an admin for the app, so I can't figure out any other reason why I cannot edit the deployment connections.


I'm having a similar problem. Was any one able to solve this? 



All the best.