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Why are Person Accounts not packagable?

I understand that Salesforce started as a Business-To-Business channel only company. However, with the ability to enable "Person Accounts", and therefore supporting the Business-To-Consumer sales channel also, why isn't it possible to include them in unmanaged or managed packages?

Our product relies critically on Person Accounts being enabled for our customers. Since this feature isn't currently packagable, our company has endured much time and effort to work around this limitation. If you think Person Accounts should be packagable, please promote the following idea:


           allow references to PersonAccounts when creating packages

Mr. WMr. W

Is there an answer to this?



Mr. W,


I haven't received any reason why. However, it is possible to work around the limitation of not packaging person accounts. Search for "person accounts in action" and that video will give you the answers you need. If you still have any questions, email Luke.