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Campaign field for date last related opportunity was won?

Short version:  I'm trying to create/maintain a date field on my Campaigns that will indicate the close date of the most recently won opportunity related to that campaign.  Any suggestions?


Full version:  I'd like to create a widget for a dashboard that shows a number of Campaign statistics for every campaign that has had at least one opportunity won in relation to that campaign in a given time period.  In order to do this in a Campaigns report, I think I need a Date Last Opp Won field.  I've tried creating it as a MAX roll-up summary field, but Opportunities are not available in Campaign roll-up summaries.  I've also tried creating a workflow rule that would fire when the Num Opps Won changes, but then discovered that while roll-up summary fields in general can trigger workflow rules, the built-in campaign Num Opps Won roll-up summary field cannot.  I also tried making an Opportunity workflow rule that would update it's related Campaign on Close/Won, but that isn't possible


I'm out of ideas, short of writing an Opportunity Trigger that fires on Close/Won.  Before I mess with that, wanted to see if I'm missing something obvious.