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Account History


We want to maintain history of deleted account records from Salesforce database. Is there way by which I can move account record in to a custom object before deleting it.

How to detect, deletion of a record from account object?

Also wanted to capture the details of the contacts that were associated to this account.

Please advice.


Relational Junction would provide a very straightforward platform to do this. The steps would be:
1) Replicate your Salesforce data to a local database. Relational Junction provides a fast, incremental pipe for this that can be run as often as every five minutes. The entire Salesforce.com schema is created and automatically maintained for you -- there is no design effort, and full implementation takes about an hour, with the initial replication capturing over 200,000 records per hour.
2) Deletes in Salesforce cause Relational Junction to mark the records as inactive with a flag in the database. They are never deleted.
3) Write database queries such as the following to see all your deleted accounts.

     select * from taccount where delete_flag = 'Y'

4) You could use this to populate a custom object via a database trigger that was sensitive to updating the delete_flag to a value of 'Y', which would insert the fields you want into the custom object's database table, then replicating the changes to Salesforce. The Relational Junction command to do this is:
    rj4salesforce -setUpdated <tableName>

I can speak in a lot more detail if you contact me directly at (831) 234-0754.