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Email-to-Case failing when Validation Rule violation

We use Validation Rules on some of our Case Record Types. One of the Validation Rules checks to make sure that a Date field isn't set to < TODAY() if the Status field = a certain value. The Validation rule works well, so well, in fact, that if an Email is sent to the case, it won't get attached because of the violation of the Validation Rule.


I want to be able to exclude incomming emails from the Validation Rule, I'm assuming that the way to do this would be to exclude the "Automated Case User" from the Validation Rule, but I don't see a way to do this. I spoke with Customer Support and they said that I should exclude the Case Origin, but doing so basically makes the Validation Rule VOID.


Has anyone else run into something similar? Any suggesions on how to address this?


You can exclude the automated case user from the validation rule by comparing $User to the ID of the automated case user.