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Autopopulating the Opportunity Name

Hi All,

We have a workflow rule that autopopulates the Opportunity Name. However when the opportunity record is initially created the field is blank and the user must enter a name in order to save the record as the field is required. 


Is there a way the name field can be populated with “-----Autopopulated-----“ at the time the record is initially created?

Thank you.


Hello Book_Guy, You can use a workflow rule to set the Opportunity name. The workflow should have 'Only when a record is created' as evaluation criteria. Hope this helps. Thanks, VK

Opportunity Name is salesforce standard field .Workflow always executes after you click save ireespective of the condition : only record is created or whenever record is created or edited .


In order to auto-populate, write before insert trigger on opportunity .

It wont work too in trigger because before insert event fires when user tries to insert record means from SFDC clicks on Save button; it before insert work same as workflow.
Rahul S.ax961Rahul S.ax961

Before/ after insert Trigger should work here




Did you ever solve this? I also have the same requirement. I would appreicate any help you could provide.


Thank you