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Pasting existing .net pages into sfdc window with sidebar and header remaining.

I am not a programmer, so please excuse my ignorance.


We have a custom build .net application that we use for running parts of our business.  We are using sfdc for CRM but there is no connection to our .net system.


In sfdc I came across the option to create a custom button that would insert a contact’s account number into a URL or Java script, then open a page (within sfdc).  I was wondering how we could use this with our .net application.


I want to “paste” some of our existing .net pages into the sfdc window with the sfdc sidebar and header remaining.


I know we need to go back to our .net developer for help, but I was hoping to get a 2 minute primer on what I’m actually asking for.


  1. Does my question make sense?
  2. What specifically can sfdc “pass” to our .net application and how (what programming langue is required) to “launch” an existing .net page with sfdc?


Would somebody PLEASE give me a paragraph or two of explanation in tech speak of what I am looking for, so that our .net developer will not look at me like I’m a complete moron.


THANKS in advance,



Hi John,


You could do something like this, you could pass the Session ID and URL in to your web application or web service.




And from your web page (eg: webPageName.aspx) you can retrieve the passing values and obtained some level of accesses to the SF objects and data.


‘I want to “paste” some of our existing .net pages into the sfdc window with the sfdc sidebar and header remaining.’ Yes in the way I mention above your page will appear inside SF.com with SF navigation around it. Basically you load your customised web application in a HTML frame inside the SF.Com.


I used my company customised application under a Web Tab. I am pretty sure you can use earthier a button or web link.




Also its wiser to do a search in SF Developer forums, because there are plenty of people have gone through similar problems.  


Hope this helps.


Zitizon X