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How can I get a view of all of my data stored in salesforce? urgent

Hi All,
   I want to get the data out of salesforce and process them for my own. how could I know which data located in which table?
Is is possible for me to get a view of those data? such as we use pl/sql to connect Oracle.
Thank you!!
Sesame Software's unique integration solution allows you to develop reports and integrations with a local database. We accomplish this with a suite of two products that work together to provide a complete solution:
  • Relational Junction for Salesforce: automated bi-directional replication of all data to a mirror-image relational database
  • Relational Junction ETL Manager: flexible Extract-Transform-Load integration with your back-office or customer facing application systems.

Relational Junction creates a perfect replica of your data into an Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, or PostgreSQL schema, and allows you to conveniently map that data into your internal applications.

Features include

  • automatic creation of Salesforce entities and fields as tables and columns in the database
  • timestamp-based two-way replication of all data
  • handling of all objects and all fields, including binary attachments and long text
  • fast, efficient, and secure operation, utilizing SOAP compression
  • fault-tolerant, restartable handling of network outages and disconnects
Our ETL Manager uses an intuitive SQL interface rather than a proprietary scripting language. Learning time is minutes rather than weeks. Many of our customers already own an ETL product or a data bus technology. Others are building additional CRM functionality directly in our database. Our unique product architecture allows you to use the database integration technology you prefer, yet treat as if it were an on-premise database application.

Replication of your entire site to your warehouse takes 5 minutes to set up and no design work. There is no requirement for using our professional services, no proprietary hardware, and no smoke and mirrors architecture. We have the first and only solution that demystifies the whole process, putting you in control. This is an Enterprise product suite that customers rely on for mission-critical operations. Relational Junction for Salesforce is certified by, and has been in large-scale commercial use since 2004. Using Relational Junction for Salesforce, you can:

  • Create a mirrored schema on your server - all objects will be created as tables, and all fields created as database columns
  • Load your entire site into your database
  • Replicate all changes to the schema as often as you like
  • Write reports using your preferred reporting tool - BusinessObjects, Crystal, Hyperion, Cognos, or any other SQL-based reporting tool
  • Modify or add records in the local schema and replicate the changes to
  • Migrate legacy data to - Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Products - not limited to standard uploads
  • Integrate other applications. Examples of this include populating customer data from or to your ERP system, posting sales orders from your ERP system to Salesforce as opportunities, and creating Salesforce user accounts using your HR data.
  • Develop bolt-on application functionality in the database, using native DBMS functionality (T-SQL, PL/SQL, etc.). Our customers have successfully built lead management systems that merge demographic data, assign leads to sales reps by territory or any other criteria, score leads based on survey or demographic data, cleanse addresses, and de-duplicate records.
Besides this software software , Do I have other ways ?  I think my boss will not  pay  it now , but maybe pay it  later.
Have you looked at the Data Loader (goto setup -> Data Management -> Data Loader)

Try using explorer (available on developer site) to look at what relationships, fields,table of your salesforce bd.It is like pq/sql editor.


rupinder jeetrupinder jeet


Try 'extract' using apex data loader.

you can extract the data from all the object even which are not visible as a tab.

If you do not want to do the extract manually then go for scheduling of the data loader. hope it gives the answer.


rupinder jeet singh.

Now I use force exploer , It works well :)    Thank you all!!
Ashutosh Verma 27Ashutosh Verma 27
hey dong,
You can use Apex Data Loader, You can also write  SOQL on that particular object in Developer Console